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Pilgrim Tour 10 days Amsterdam to Maastricht (or back)

€ 2.295 p.p.
2 July


12 July
17 August


27 August

Our Pilgrim tour starts both in Amsterdam and Maastricht and includes the Dutch section of the Camino de Santiago. We cycle through stunning Dutch landscapes, passing impressive country estates and their gardens, as well as historic towns and traditional farmhouses. Our route takes us along several scenic Dutch and Belgian rivers, where we may encounter wild horses quietly grazing along the riverbanks. We have the opportunity to witness the craftsmanship of traditional glass blowing during one of our stops, as well as encountering four castles along the route, and cycling through the main rose growing area in The Netherlands. We spend a rest day in the medieval city of Den Bosch — home to the famous 15th century Dutch renaissance painter Hieronymous Bosch, as well as the highly impressive St John’s Cathedral, built between 1380 and 1530. Come and join us on this wonderful 10-day journey and experience the beautiful Dutch countryside for yourself, as well as our excellent hospitality of course!

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