The Castle Tour 10 days Amsterdam to Hengelo

€ 2.295 p.p.
30 April


10 May 2023
11 June


21 June 2023

Go East with the Elodie. The Southeastern parts of The Netherlands are often underestimated as a destination for travellers. That’s a pity, as this part of the country boasts with beautiful woods and heathlands and nature preserves – a real paradise for hikers and cyclists. Along the Amsterdam-Rhine-Canal, the Ijssel River and the Twente Canal the Elodie will take you through unique scenery, spotted with historic castles and remains of the Hanse History of this part of Europe. Here you can discover and explore some of the oldest castles of the country as well as the proud-to-be smallest city of The Netherlands, Bronkhorst. The notably larger city of Arnhem hosts one of the decisive war sites of World War II and the famous Royal Burgers’ Zoo as well as the Netherlands Open Air Museum — all worthwhile visiting. At the river junction of the Ijssel and the Berkel, you’ll find the former Hanse town of Zutphen, one of the oldest in the country. Parts of fortifications, stately warehouses and merchant homes still tell of its more than 1700 hundred years of history. No wonder, the city is also called „City of monuments“.

Book lovers will love the public library, uniquely and impressively hosted in a former historic church. From here the route follows the Twente Canal to Hengelo through a lovely scenery of which parts again belong to nature preserves. The area ist known for its rich bird life. The pretty town of Lochem boasts with yet another castle, dating back to the 14th century. Today the „Kasteel“ is dedicated to the preservation of nature and culture in the region. In the old town of Goor with its windmill the long history of its Jewish community is still visible in the old cemetery and a national monument in memory of the Jews who were murdered by the Nazis. Via Delden the tour leads you to Hengelo – once the beating heart of the European center of the textile industry which made this whole area wealthy at the peak of the industrial revolution. The city offers good shopping, museums and comfortable train connections to both, Amsterdam and neighbouring Germany.