Accommodations are on comfort barge Elodie in 8 cabins with lower beds. Please put your towel in the bathing-tub if you need clean towels. Tip; Dry the towels on the heater in your cabin when you are not there. Do not forget to bring soap, shampoo etc. The boat has a dining room and a sun deck. Coffee and tea are served on board; other drinks can be bought for reasonable prices ( honor service, you take drink out of the fridge and mark what you drink ) The barge has air conditioning and heating in each cabin. You are allowed to bring your own drinks on board and drink them in your cabin. Please have the courtesy not to take drinks to the dining area or on deck, where the same drinks are sold. Breakfast and dinner are served in the dining room, you can make a sack lunch from the breakfast table.

We recommend not bringing too may pieces of luggage, because space on the barge is limited. It has to be stored under the lower bed and in a small closet. The beds are 31 cm high, that is 12 inch. Important for the luggage, you have to store the suitcases under the beds.

We have on board 220 volt with standard European plugs. Adapters are not provided for. If you use other plugs please bring an adapter.

There is a laundry service on board. Very basic indeed but you can hand over your laundry to the crew. The costs are € 10,00 for washing and drying per laundering.

We do not offer Wi-Fi access on board of the Elodie. We have experienced that the absence of Wi-Fi is very much appreciated by many of our guests and has a very positive effect on the atmosphere on board. It is understandable that in some cases internet access could become important to you. There are locations where Wi-Fi is offered in some of the towns or harbors we visit where. Please ask your guide where you can obtain this. If permanent internet access is essential we recommend you to inquire at your local provider how you can arrange to get this abroad.

We provide waterbottles that can be used in the canteenholder on your bicycle. If you prefer you can bring your own water-bottle /canteen, so you can fill it each day and during the day.

Cycling experience and general good physical condition are required. On all our tours guided or non-guided you will participate at your own risk.We are not responsible for accidents during your bicycle trip.  It is important that you have recent cycling experience on roads with traffic and with the distances mentioned in the tour.

There are six / nine or sixteen dinners on board, we do not serve dinner on Saturday nights and when we are in Peronne. We serve healthy nutritious 3 course menus of a high culinary level, so far, everyone excited about eating. There is not a typical dinner meal; in a week tour we serve most of the time two times fish, one night chicken, one night vegetarian and two times meat. Once pork and once beef. By each dinner we serve a salad, vegetables and potatoes, rice or pasta.  We serve a variety of very good quality meals with fresh vegetables and fruits. Meat and fish are baked in oil and we have fresh home made desserts. Within reasonable limits our chef can prepare diet meals. We are very sorry but we can not accomodate vegan diets. The charge for extra preparations and/or ingredients will be € 5,- per person per day.Please make a note on the reservation form if you require a diet meal. We can not take any responsibility for diets that could cause serious health problems.