A good tour starts with a good bike!

Jongerius Handmade Bicycles is a Dutch brand known for unique, solid bicycles. In a market where the majority of the bicycles are mass produced, it is difficult for one to find his/her dreambike. Although there are lots of manufacturers and models, it is almost impossible to find a bicycle which is equipped with all the components you want and is also available in your favorite colour. You will have to go with the model which fits your preferences best.

All bicycles from Jongerius are handmade in The Netherlands or Germany. Because only the best quality is good enough for Jongerius bicycles, they work with components from established brands like Shimano, Rohloff, Pinion, Schwalbe, Ergon, Gates and Busch & Müller. All frames and components are constantly checked and improved and only the best are used. As everyone can choose their favorite frame colour every frame is spray painted by hand. The paintwork is incredibly durable and scratch proof.


Together with Jongerius Handmade Bicycles we customised a Jongerius Beltdrive Custom model to fit the needs for our tours. To be sure you will ride around comfortably, we equipped the matte black bikes with only first class components.


8-speed internal-gear hub offers the best gear ratios and shifts almost instantly. With the twist shifter at the right grip you can change gears easily, very smooth and silent. As the robust gear hub requires almost no maintenance we can be certain that everyone will have the same comfortable experience.



Also of high important are the brakes, especially on such a fast and agile bike. Because we want you to be able to come to a halt quickly but in a controlled manner, the bicycles are equipped with Shimano V-brakes. This lightweight braking system allows you to brake powerfully in all weather conditions.


The Marathon Plus is the only tire worldwide that may be called “flatless”. This is due to its unique puncture protection belt that is five millimeters thick and made from special rubber (patented). Even thumbtacks can’t puncture it. But the new Marathon Plus is not only flatless. It also rolls more lightly than ever before. And, because of its anti-aging side wall, it lasts unbelievably long.



The shimano sports hub dynamo is a practical lighting solution for sports and trekking bikes with hub dynamo lamp systems. Obviously the hub dynamo is far more superior to the battery type in terms of ecology and economy