10 Tips from our guests to our guests

Every year we ask our guests on board what you recommend to other future guests who wants to participate in a tour…..

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice
    Start practicing in time to get the most out of your tour.
  2. Be physicaly fit
    Try cycling the distances mentioned in the itinerary
  3. You can encounter some traffic
    If possible do not completely avoid traffic while practicing
  4. Bring raingear
    It can rain in Europe, yeah really
  5. The itinerary is the guideline
    Expect diversions and other circumstances that will influence the tour
  6. Do not bring large suitcases
    There is limited space in the cabin
  7. Bring a plug converter
    Europe has different plugs
  8. Arrange internet if you really need it
    If not try without it is very relaxing
  9. Bring a hairdryer if you need one
    There is no hairdryer on board
  10. Just do it !
    If you did not already book a tour.
The Elodie Bike and Barge tours in Europe